“Fighting” Ingason-Koulierakis for AEK, unexpected with Kenziora in PAOK!


Two major returns counts, except for international ones, o PAOK for the upcoming derby against her opponent AEK in Tuba…

And that’s why Konstantinos is so Koulierakis as well as Ingie Ingason they entered the team’s regular schedule, today (29/3). while the Ivans worked individually Nasberg and Lefteris Lyratzis.

At the same time, however, an unexpected problem arose for the “two-headed man of the North”, as Thomas Kenjiora left training with left biceps discomfort and will be out magnetic!

The relevant press release in detail:

“The internationals are returning, the injured are getting back to normal and the preparation for Sunday’s derby against AEK is in its final stretch.

The weather conditions kept the team in Thessaloniki for one more day. The program was again dedicated to the tactical part. Initially the players worked split into attackers and defenders and then played games all over the pitch, which involved circulation and development.

Konstantinos Koulierakis and Ingi Ingason joined the team’s regular schedule, while Ivan Nasburg and Lefteris Lyratzis worked individually.

In the contingencies of the day, Tomas Kenziora withdrew from training with problems in his left biceps. The Polish full-back will undergo an MRI to determine the extent of the problem he is dealing with.

On Thursday (30.03) PAOK will train at 11:00 in Nea Mesimvria”.

Source: Sport Fm

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