Baltakos replied about the… skirt: “Of course I won’t leave it like that – Double crime with the video”


After his written statement, Takis Baltakos took a position publicly on the incident with the skirt, the behavior of the representatives who were present at the meeting and especially of Olympiakos, but also the leak of the video.

So, speaking in Metropolis, the president of EPO stated determined to react and take legal actionbut – as he pointed out – at his own pace, while referring to the video he mentioned that it is a double felony, meaning the download as well as the leakage of the audio-visual material.

“Uefa officials have been briefed on all matters. The application and request for the presence of foreign referees, from the higher category is a given. This all happened. The most important thing is that help will be given by UEFA for elite referees and for referees of category A”he initially reported about the meeting he had with UEFA representativesand then comment after question if he will file a lawsuit…

“And the lawsuit is an institutional move. I will remind you what happened to the multi-ownership of PAOK. Every day all the Olympiacos media wrote against me. And then I said that I will impose my own pace. Do you remember who won the case at CAS on multi-ownership? I.

They even said to me: They curse you obscenely, why don’t you answer? I answered them: I will win, institutionally and legally and at my own pace.

The lawsuit is not only that, as a means of reaction. There is also the criminal aspect. There are complaints that can be made to the Ethics Committee of the EPO. Even in FIFA’s ethics committee which is infinitely stronger, compared to the equivalent ethics of the EPO. Is there any way I can let it go like this? Of course not. But it will be done at my own pace”he also emphasized went on to leak the video.

“I must also mention the following: I had informed the agents of the groups present at the meeting that the video recording we are doing is normal. But the media released video material is not legal and I am referring to the few seconds long video. This is a felony.

And the fact that he spread it on social media is in itself a second felony. Therefore, anyone who filmed for a few seconds inside the room, without informing, will be prosecuted for a double felony.” he also emphasized he added as to whether he knows who shot the video.

“We will see from the total four hours of video that we have. The entire room is videotaped. I don’t know who he is. Because I didn’t get to see it. However, whoever did it and passed it on to the media, this in itself is a double felony. From tomorrow I will start the process”.

Finally he mentioned about the cup final…

“The cup final will be held either at the Panthessal stadium or abroad. If Beos does not agree by then until we decide, then the only solution for Greece is OAKA. For Athens and OAKA, however, PAOK will have to agree. Otherwise, if he does not agree, there is the solution of Cyprus.

The Cyprus solution is more feasible than the options we have from abroad. Of course, there is also the solution of the Crystal Pallas stadium, but I think that Cyprus is more compatible. I still can’t give a definitive answer. I don’t know what Beos will do.”

Source: Sport Fm

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