Papaloukas: “The trick with which we beat the Americans in 2006!”


Less than 17 years have passed since her historic victory National our team on the dream team of the United States (101-95) in the semifinals of the 2006 Saitama World Cup.

Speaking to Vassilis Skoundis, the Thodoris Papaloukasreported on “trick” of the team of Panagiotis Giannakis, with which they defeated the USA, beating the Americans in the pick and roll!

What Thodoris Papaloukas said in detail:

“If you look at the game, we’ve had 13 pick-and-rolls up top. The last player every two phases changes. I passed in the air, doing what I will pass in the air.

The third time you can’t press it… Until they understood what was going on, every two phases we changed the player. Later, the US national team was set up to counter the pick and roll, they’ve already said that.

I’ve never said it, but if you see, we always changed the player to the weak side. In basketball it is the last player who has to cover the racket. This was exactly what was creating the phases for us. The important thing is that everyone was ready, we didn’t miss a shot in the second half. If you look at the first half and how many times they nailed us, you say it’s impossible for them to lose. It was a date with history…”

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