Karalis: “There was a coach who told me: go to your country, black people don’t do it on a stick”


Confronted with despicable racist attitudes, he had come Emmanuel Karalis in the past because of his descent from his mother’s side.

I’m Greek but black. There were no other blacks in the school except me and my sister. There were some children in 1st grade who spoke badly, they called them: the blacks. It all starts with the family. This was my first contact with racism“, said the European runner-up in indoor track and field in an interview with “OK” magazine.

Then, entering the track and performing, there was a coach who when he saw me doing well, he would start and say: black people don’t do pole vault, go to your country you and your mother. Tragic comments for a 15 year old“, he added, while he did not sit idly by.

We reported it. My mother made a first complaint when I was a minor, and at 18 I made the complaint myself, because she was distracted. From 13 to 21 I was a constant nuisance. He was the coach of another athlete and a very good one. We went to court, he was charged with the Federation. The Fan Committee took him out of the stadiums for some time and took us to the highest sports courts, where they condemned him there as well. He was called a racist, he is a racist“, concluded.

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