Shock in Cologne: Transfer ban for two seasons in the team!


Shock for Cologne. The German club was punished by the FIFA with a transfer ban for the next two seasons, after the world federation ruled that the 17-year-old midfielder was illegally acquired last January, Zuber-Potochnik collar.

“Defendant is prohibited from registering new players, either nationally or internationally, for the next two full and consecutive registration periods after the issuance of this decision”the court decision states.

THE Potochnik transferred to Cologne on January 31, 2022 as a free agent. A day earlier, his mother was saying that he had terminated the contract with his hometown club, Olympia of Ljubljanawhich ran until 2024. Olympia accused Cologne of inciting a breach of contract and sued the German club, with FIFA to take the side of the Slovenians.

The ban will therefore be valid for the coming summer and winter and will affect the whole club, not just the youngsters. At a time when Cologne is in danger of losing two of its important footballers such as Jonas Hector and Elias Skiri.

In addition, Cologne must pay 54,000 euros for Potocnik, while the player himself will be banned for four months and therefore will not be able to attend the U19 matches in the league finals.

Source: Sport Fm

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