Monaco “stepped” and Zalgiris continues in the bottom of the eighth!


An important step towards qualifying for the Euroleague playoffs was made by Zalgiriswhich prevailed 79-70 of Monaco in Kaunas and the packed “Zalgirio Arena”, as part of the 31st competition of the competition.

A victory with which the Lithuanians stayed firmly in the top eight and in the claim of a position that leads to the playoffs, reaching eighth place in the standings and 16-15 Baskonia (the Spaniards are ahead in the draw).

Leading for the winners was Brazdeikis with 22 points and 5 assists, with the 24-year-old Lithuanian even scoring 4 out of 5 three-pointers! On the other hand, for Monaco, which fell at 20-11 seeing her five game winning streak come to an end, singled out o Motieyounas with 13 points.

The match:

The start of the game was balanced, with both teams keeping pace with the score until the middle first quarter. Somewhere there, the home team turned up the attack and with four three-pointers in the last minutes, closed the first period at +9 for 28-19.

By Brazdeikis to be in… the twilight zone, scoring 13 points in the first half, Zalgiris relatively comfortably maintained the difference in the ranks of 8-9 points, with Monaco on the other hand, seeing their “trump cards” stay low in scoring, with the Lithuanians going to the locker room ahead with a score of 48-41.

The scene was similar in third period, with the visitors unable to reduce the difference beyond five points. On the contrary, with baskets by Lekavicius and Biroutis, Zalgiris increased the difference at +12 and 65-53 of the period. The image of the match was such that it did not look capable of changing the situation in Kaunas, with the champions reaching the pink match sheet more comfortably than it looks the final 79-70.

The quarters: 28-19, 48-41, 65-53, 79-70.

See here the match statistics.

Source: Sport Fm

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