Dabrauskas: “We can’t score and win at home and I’m not happy”


In the problem presented by OFI to win and score in his home games, stood o Valdas Dabrauskasin the statements he made.

The Lithuanian coach also referred to the break needed by the Cretan team after the 1-1 draw against Levadeiakos, but also to the remaining Stoiximan Super League playout games.

To return to action: We needed the break in the league to help us because in the last two games against Levadeiakos we were not good. No one was happy about these two games. Also the interruption helped us to react. Now we have completed 5 months of working together and during these 5 months we see progress, expectations become higher. 5 months ago we were under Levadeiakos. We have improved, but that does not mean we will beat every opponent 3-0. It’s not like that. The progress must continue, we worked on these 2 weeks. With Levadeiakos at home it was not as bad as the one in Livadeia. It was much better, but the old problems remained. We can’t score at home, we can’t win at home. So I can’t be happy, we are in a constant evolution».

Regarding the way OFI fought against Levadeiakos: I’ll be honest, I was a bit worried after the Livadia game and the performance we did. I don’t know what happened, for me it was the worst game since I came to OFI. In the second match, ok, we weren’t top, but we played better, we tried, I have no complaints about the children’s preparation. We all work to set goals, we are all motivated. There are also personal motivations. Football players also have personal goals, some are out of contract, some think they might be seen and get a transfer».

Regarding the image of Levadeakios against OFI:How many times did Levadeakos play with three in defense? Went to play Olympiakos, 6-0, playing with four in defense. With us, they changed tactics, they played with counterattacks and it worked. And they came to our headquarters and did exactly the same. And we, for example, when we played away to Panathinaikos, Olympiakos and PAOK, we were more compact, we defended, so it was difficult for them to score against us. Against Levadeiakos, in the second game, we had chances, we had more chances. On the contrary, in the first match we did not create a single chance. During the break we had the opportunity to clear our minds and now we are working on our plan for the game with Ioannina. It is an important match for us, but it is also for the opponent. We have to be at a high level because we will face an opponent with a high score motivation. I am happy because the solutions are increasing, we have Neira, Toral, Felipe who are back in training. We will see which of them will play, we will also discuss it with the medical staff. If nothing happens, I believe they will travel to Ioannina. We’re glad they’re back».

On whether he expects easier goals:It is not an easy league to score many goals, Olympiacos scored six and we score four once a month (laughs). It’s nice to have more options in midfield».

Edited by: Christos Lois

Source: Sport Fm

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