Belotti: The reason he celebrates like a rooster and the touching words about Vialli


Many footballers have a special celebration, just like o Andrea Belotti. The Italian revealed the reason he is celebrating like a rooster, while he then referred to the great Gianluca Viali with touching words.

“I want to reveal a secret, because my name is a rooster. It’s an absurd story. It’s a September afternoon in 2012. A friend of mine who owns a bar in my village was playing for a Serie A team in Albinolefe. We used to go to this little bar often.

My friend played soccer as a kid and was very good at it. His nickname was a rooster and he was the first to celebrate like that. He scored every day and celebrated like that. I thought he was a freak.

He hadn’t been able to come see me yet because of work. That night, he called me: ”Andrea! I managed to be free. Tomorrow at the bar that my father covers for me, I will come to see you”.

I was so excited. He told me: ”Promise me: if you score, celebrate like a rooster in my honor”. I accepted”first reported and continued:

“The match started and after just two minutes I scored. I didn’t think about it for a second, I ran downstairs and started imitating the rooster like crazy. Everyone ran to hug me. You want to know;

My friend was three minutes late that day. As he parked, he heard the roar of the stadium. I did it… for no one. What are you doing; You scored after two minutes… won’t you do it again? Well, from that day, the rooster never left me.’

Belotti then spoke with moving words about him Gianluca Viali: “I was in the national team. One morning, after breakfast, I arrived at the stadium an hour early, thinking I wouldn’t find anyone there. Instead, someone was running alone. An hour before the appointment, Viali was there.

At that very moment, I thought that despite the hardships he was going through, he was running. With the suffering he had inside, with the millions of problems he carried. With his power. Gianluca was always ready to help.

But he was the one who needed help. When you see a man giving all this, you look inside and feel that he is giving you a destructive power. I am convinced that he will live in us forever.”

Source: Sport Fm

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