Lountzis: “We don’t like to say big words, now the most important games are coming”


Statements after the easy victory of Olympiakos over Villerban was made by Michalis Lountzisstressing that after securing home field advantage ahead of the playoffs, his team’s goal is to finish in first place in the standings.

In addition, he also spoke about the upcoming derby with Panathinaikos, mentioning that winning in such games gives you a great boost and a different feeling.

In detail what the Olympiakos guard said:

“Our job is to go on the floor and give our best and fight every night to win. We were motivated to secure home advantage, which is very important. Our next goal is to finish first in the regular season of the Euroleague.”

“We can adapt to different styles of play. Our main characteristic is the defense and the toughness we bring out and we will continue like this in the next games. We have great motivation and thirst to succeed. We have a very good atmosphere in the team and this plays a very big role in many of the victories we have had”.

“We don’t like to say big words. We try to keep our heads down and get on with the job. We haven’t done anything yet, now the most important games are coming.”

“Each derby with Panathinaikos is different. We don’t look at the series, we are focused on winning. Panathinaikos may not have much interest in points, but we do. Most of us know what to expect from these matches. We know how to manage it. Winning the Greek derby gives you a different feeling and gives you a big boost”.

Source: Sport Fm

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