Tudor: “The French league is more competitive than the Italian one”


Her league Ligue 1 usually comes fifth behind Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesligahowever the Igor Tudor thinks he deserves more recognition.

Her coach Marseillewho spent many years as a footballer at Juventus and then worked as a technician at Udinese, Verona (but also an assistant at Juve) was asked about the differences between the two leagues and estimated that “French is underrated and that’s wrong. Because when you take a good look at it, it changes your mind. It’s an exciting league, with beautiful pitches and talented players.

It may even be more competitive than Serie A. There are 3-4 Italian teams with more quality than the French, apart from Paris Saint-Germain. But from 6th place and below, the French are stronger. If Empoli-Strasbourg plays, it will be a double. If Spezia plays Reims, it will be double. You will play Reims and you will want to get three and four players. If I was the coach of Inter, I wouldn’t take a player from Empoli or Spezia. There is a distance that does not exist in France.

There is also more speed here. The profiles of the players are different, here they are younger and more athletic. Bournemouth paid €17m to sign Ouattara from Lorient. They get players from there but not from Italythis means that Ligue 1 has footballers who have the quality to play at the top level”.

Source: Sport Fm

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