Tsorbatzoglou: “With ideal conditions and many solutions, PAOK is going to the derby with AEK”


The latest news of PAOK ahead of Sunday’s derby with AEK in Toumba, for the 2nd matchday of the Stoiximan Super League playoffs, the Dimitris Tsorbatzoglou to News Bulletin 247.

On Sunday we have a big derby with AEK, we are coming back and we will deal with the championship again. It’s nice that there is so much competition in the first places, PAOK that is approaching and has slowly gnawed away at the difference from the two pioneers. It has AEK at its headquarters and has the prospect of entering the game of claiming the first places“, the team reporter initially reported.

Preparation is going well for Lucescu, who will have many solutions at his disposal. Ingason, who was the biggest issue, seems to have been handled correctly and after several tests, the Icelander joined the team yesterday and is ready to take his place in the match. Koulierakis is better, after a special and special management he entered the training sessions. Kotarski and Dandas were the last ones expected to return to PAOK, who go with ideal conditions and several options, and good presence of internationals in the derby with AEK“, he added.

For the possibility of the final of the Greek Cup being held in Cyprusunderlined: “Kyriakos Kyriakos has stated that it will be very difficult for PAOK to host another venue. He does not discuss anything other than what the EPO announcement states. I consider it very difficult, to discuss Athens or Cyprus?».

Source: Sport Fm

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