Juventus and Di Maria sit at the table for contract renewal


In discussions with him Angel Di Maria has entered Juventus for Argentina’s stay and next season!

His contract Argentinian ends next summer, but as everything shows, the desire of both sides is for the cooperation to continue for the next season.

According to his post Fabrizio Romano on Twitter, the 35-year-old and the “Bianconeri” have begun initial contacts over a contract extension and are expected to continue next month as the season draws to a close and the landscape will be clear.

In fact, the journalist mentioned that Di Maria had never been locked up in any of her teams Turkey or his MLS as it was written in January, since his clear intention is to continue at Juventus.

This season, the Di Maria is having an outstanding season given Juventus’ ongoing problems and has eight goals and seven assists in 24 appearances in all competitions.

Edited by: Christos Lois

Source: Sport Fm

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