Dibou: “After the World Cup I’m hungry, I want to win the Champions League”


The World Champion Emiliano Martines spoke to GOAL and mentioned both the World Cup and the goals he has with her Aston Villa.

Specifically, Mr Dibu emphasized that after winning the World Cup he feels hungry for titles and wants to win the Champions League with the “villagers”.

“I said I’m done with football, but I haven’t done it yet. I want to finish football by winning titles for my club, playing and winning the Champions League.

I just turned 30, but it’s something I’ll keep working towards. My best years are ahead of me. I always set goals. I’ve done well with the national team, I’ve done well with my old club, I’ve done good things at Aston Villa, but I want to win a title here.”first reported and continued:

“I’ve been through a lot in my career, but that’s what made me the goalkeeper I am today. The lows can be overwhelming. But once I got out of the hole, I saw light and I always play like it’s my last game.

People say ‘so what’. After winning the World Cup I am hungrier than ever. I want to be more successful than ever.”

Source: Sport Fm

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