Nikologiannis: “It’s a big deal, Panathinaikos is mentally ready – They will be decisive”


The assessment that his upcoming fight Panathinaikou with Volos it is… cunninghe did in his “air”. News Bulletin 247 o Tasos Nikologiannis, explaining why.

The game against Volos is the one that has the biggest need for Panathinaikos, not only from a points point of view, but also because if you fail in this game, it will be very difficult to make up the points elsewhere. If it was a championship contested by two I would say ok, he can find it elsewhere, but now with four contenders, it is very difficult. The fact that it is theoretically the easiest match and Panathinaikos easily wins against Volos can work negatively, but there is the right mental preparation from Jovanovic’s side“, he said characteristically.

Regarding the 11th of the “clover” against Volos, the reporter of the station noted that it will be made up of Brignoli, Kotsiras, Senkefeld, Magnuson, Juancar, Ruben, Cerin, Bernard, Mancini Palacios and Ioannidis.

While Nikologiannis pointed out that the performance of Palacios, Mancini, Bernard and Ioannidis will play a decisive role for Panathinaikos’ victory on Sunday.

Asked about Copenhagen’s interest in Ioannidis, he did not rule out the possibility that a Danish player would come to a match of the “greens” to see him and that something more would arise in the summer, however he reiterated that he would need a particularly big offer to leave the international striker.

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Source: Sport Fm

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