The Chelsea goalkeeper beat cancer again and reached the semi-finals of the Champions League


Her qualification hid a shocking life-lesson story Chelsea in his semi-finals Women’s Champions League. The heroine of the “blue”, h goalkeeper Anne-Kathrin Bergersaved two penalties in “Russian Roulette” and sealed her team’s qualification over title holders Lyon.

But this was not the greatest feat for the 32-year-old German. Just seven months ago he had beaten thyroid cancer for the second time. He was diagnosed with it in August, three months after winning a third consecutive league title with Chelsea. Although the cancer had been in remission for four years and she had returned to action, she did not lay down her arms when it appeared before her again. She underwent the necessary treatments, returned to the pitch and had the best night of her career yesterday at Stamford Bridge, stopping the executions of Wendy Renard and Lindsey Oran.

She herself had spoken openly about her battle with cancer. “Unlike many other patients, I have no problem talking about it. I like it too. I feel like I’m in a position to help people who are going through the same thing. I’m not saying it was something easy for me, because it wasn’t, but you have to have on your horizon what makes you happy to overcome it. For me that was football. That’s how you can achieve anything. If I could do it, why can’t others?“, he had stated a few months ago.

Source: Sport Fm

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