A new bell is coming to Juventus – The footballers are avoiding it!


Juventus’ problems with justice are not over! After the “plusvalenza” scandal and the deduction of fifteen points from this season for the Old Lady for irregularities in the balance sheets as well as the creation of surplus values ​​in transfer cases, now the “Bianconeri” are facing new charges.

Specifically, no charges have yet been filed but this is expected to be done soon by the federal prosecutor Giuseppe Cinewho completed his investigation into the case of the “hidden” and illegal wages paid at the beginning of the Covid era by Juventus to players, staff and all members of the football department.

Lawyers for the players involved referred the matter to the Federal Sports Representatives Committee, stressing that they are called upon to save the players who appear to have had no clear responsibility.

The federal prosecutor Giuseppe Cine closes the investigation into her “salary maneuvers”. Juve and in the coming days he should inform the potential defendants of the closure of the investigation. The four-month investigative project based on documents sent several times by his prosecution Turin is over and the conclusions of the prosecution will have a clear and unified direction: the responsibility lies with the club and those who managed it.

The Football Association’s Code of Sporting Justice provides that at the end of an investigation, potential defendants are cautioned (a type of “pre-citation”) and can request a hearing and present a brief apology. After this, the final decision will be made by the prosecution where it will either shelve the case or there will be a referral to trial.

The case concerns two agreements between her Juventus and the players during the first two… seasons of Covid (2019-2020 and 2020-2021). According to his prosecutors Turin, these agreements did not represent a pay cut, but “mere deferral” with “the athletes having a valid expectation that the company would honor the commitment regarding the four-month payment deferral.” The judges are interested in all this to demonstrate the cases of crimes of an “isological” nature for which the charge of the 12 people who worked in the Juventus and the club itself.

It is possible that there will be a new punishment and deduction of points for the “Bianconeri” if it is proven to be guilty.

Source: Sport Fm

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