Bost: “I will play again with Bulgaria only if… Vezenkov asks me to”


The… derogatory comments from EuroLeague players about him continue Sasha Vezenkov.

His teammate in the national team Bulgaria and current Villeurbanne player, De Bostspoke to BasketNews about this year’s performances of the Olympiakos forward in the top European competition, but also about the coexistence with him in the international obligations.

“For me, he will be the MVP of the Euroleague – at least, I hope so. He’s a great player and a great guy. It was fun playing against him. His hard work is amazing. Last year, he was in the top five, but I know he works really, really hard. He spends a lot of time in the gym and I think he deserves it”commented on Vezenkov’s performance this year.

Asked afterwards whether he intends to play for the Bulgarian national team again, the Villerban guard replied that it largely depends on Vezenkov. “Sasha always calls me for the national team. I think if he comes back to play an important game and he wants me to come, I come. But the last time we talked, he said he was going to stop for a while. Of course, he can beat them by himself, but he also needs a little help. He did it in Eurobasket. He’s capable of it, but if he comes back, maybe I’ll try to help him if I still can.”Bost specifically commented.

Source: Sport Fm

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