Vezenkov: “We are humble and thirsty, we will be ready whoever we find in the playoffs”


Statements after the victory of Olympiakos in the derby with Panathinaikos for the 32nd matchday of the Euroleague, made by Sasha Vezenkovpraising Walkup, emphasizing that he is trying to constantly improve and adding that Olympiacos will be ready for the playoffs, regardless of who they find as their opponent.

What the Olympiacos forward said in detail:

About Walkup: “What he did was unreal. He plays in red, he is very important for our team, just like Black who did an important job. Someone will always come out ahead. We didn’t play well and had a lot of mistakes. The pace was in favor of Panathinaikos in the first half, we reacted afterwards. We have to improve and be ready for the playoffs”.

For himself: “I want to help my team. You have to contribute in every way. We always start with the defense. The most important thing is to finish the regular season well. It’s better if the shots don’t go in today and they go into the playoffs. Maybe we have stopped playing with such intensity compared to the beginning. We don’t just rely on shooting. That was never our philosophy. In some matches we will put 110 points, in another 60, the aim is to win both ways. Defense is what drives us.

I also work on my shots from 8-9 meters. We are trying to perfect it and have it come in more often. We have a very good relationship and trust with Walkap. We try to read the opponent, although our coach doesn’t like that because it can break some system”.

For the playoffs: “We are not discussing possible opponents in the playoffs. We are humble and thirsty. Whoever it is we will be 100% ready. We have a long way to go until the Final Four. The Euroleague is very competitive, there is no easy opponent”.

On the lost semi-final with Efes in Belgrade last year: “I have passed the semi-final in Belgrade, Eurobasket also helped me to take on some more responsibilities. The most important thing is to win”.

Source: Sport Fm

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