BBB 23: Aline Wirley warns that she already knows who will nominate Paredão


Ana Cora Lima

After spending more than 17 hours in the resistance test of the new BBB 23 leader of the week, Aline Wirley is still waiting for confirmation from the program’s management to find out whether or not she will send a participant directly to Paredão. But the sister already knows who will nominate next Sunday. In conversation with allies from the Fourth Desert Larissa Santos, Bruna Griphao and Amanda Meirelles, the singer revealed that her vote goes to Domitila Barros.

“May I speak? It makes so much sense for me to be a Leader and indicate Domitila. I took her so many times in the Game of Discord, I voted for her in open voting, in the confessional”, commented Aline, soon vibrating with the victory in the test awaited weekly. in the game: “I’m so happy to have won this leadership”, fired the former Rouge.

Amanda was the first to agree with Aline’s decision and raised the possibility of a departure from the other sisters of Quarto Fundo do Mar with the woman from Pernambuco due to the latest Miss Germany attitudes. The doctor was referring to sexist statements about Larissa. “I think that Marvvila and Sarah will not agree with the things that Domitila has done and is doing”, she explained.

Larissa added that there are chances that all the sisters will vote for the model, if Aline does not indicate it. “Capable of going all in it”, commented the Physical Education teacher.

Source: Folha

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