Panathinaikos-Volos: Must win game for the “greens”, where… comes out for the Thessalonians


Back to action and for the playoffs Stoiximan Super League!

THE Panathinaikos hosts at Leoforo ton Bullet (2/4, 18:00, COSMOTE SPORT 1, News Bulletin 247) for the 2nd matchday of the playoffs, in a match between two teams with completely different goals!

The “greens”, on the one hand, are leading the championship race with 62 points, and they have before them the first must-win game of the playoffs process. Volos is on paper the weakest team of the six, so this match is theoretically the most passable game out of the 10 that his team will need to play Ivan Jovanovich.

“Clover” comes from white’s tie with the AEK at the OPAP Arena, in a match that did not impress with its performance but was able to walk away relatively comfortably with a positive result that kept it at the top. At the same time, in his “camp”. Panathinaikou they know that the AEK plays the Tuba and Olympic welcomes Aris, so surely with a win the “greens” will have the opportunity to escape from one of their three competitors in the title race. At the same time, the goal of Ivan Jovanovic’s team is, beyond the three points, to also get a good performance, so that they can get psychologically in view of the very demanding matches to come.

Regarding absences, Panathinaikos will not have him available Timoteus Puchach who is dealing with a virus, but also the Enis Chokai who is punished. Kourbelis, Ioannidis and Sporar are normally at Jovanovic’s disposal, however the former may be reserved.

The mission: Brignoli, Lodigin, Xenopoulos, Vaiannidis, Huancar, Ruben, Senkefeld, Ioannidis, Kleinheisler, Sporar, Bernard, Sanchez, Cerin, Mancini, Kourbelis, Magnuson, Kotsiras, Sarlia, Palasios, Poungouras, Verbits, Campetsis.

The Thessaly team, on the other hand, is in 6th place and 39 points, just one less than fifth Mars who plays in “G. Karaiskakis”. THE Marble knows that on paper it is the weakest team in the playoffs, but it aims to give everything to get the last European ticket in the battle with Mars.

His team Costa Bratsou in her first game in the process she suffered a comfortable defeat with a score of 3-0 against the Olympic in “Panthessaliko” and is tested on the very demanding Avenue, but it is certain that it will not fall… without a fight, nor will it be indifferent since there is still the realistic goal of the European ticket.

The recent pre-history between the two teams is however in favor of the hosts, who had defeated Volos at home with a score of 2-0, while in Panthessaliko they had left with a very comfortable “double” (0-5).

The mission of Volos in detail: Kleiman, Kotnik, Alcho, Tahatos, Luna, Sielis, Escoval, Pirinen, Aslanidis, Tsokanis, Barrientos, Gagi, Metaxas, Katse, Meskida, Tselembakis, Kartalis, Deletics, Pires, Ozegovic.

Possible lineups:

Panathinaikos (Ivan Jovanovic): Brignoli – Juancar, Senkefeld, Magnusson, Kotsiras – Perez, Cerin, Bernard – Mancini, Palasios, Ioannidis

Volos (Kostas Bratsos): Kleiman – Alho, Escoval, Pirinen – Luna, Tsokanis – Deletic, Pires, Sirinos – Ozegovic

Referee: Manouhos

Assistants: Buxbaum, Karagizopoulos

4th: Vergetis

VAR: Zambalas, Kollias

Source: Sport Fm

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