Complaint about harassment & spikes for the police by Aeolik


Very serious complaints were made by AEPS Aeolikwhich in its announcement spoke of puberty against the mission after the match with AO Pyliou in Kos.

Among other things, there are spikes for the police, while it is even reported that tickets were requested from members of the mission!


The administration of AEPS Aeolikos is in the unpleasant position, contrary to the spirit of the days, to publicly condemn the sexual harassment received by members of our team at the end of the match, in the stands of Pylio Stadium, after our team’s well-deserved victory.

Although the hotheads on the platform cannot and should not express with their behavior an entire club, we expect the official administration of AO Pyliou Kos to take a stand for the cowardly attack of 20 against 2 and even with the initiator of the incidents a micron, which has been – as we learn – also a factor of the club.

Not to mention the fact that we never received the 15 invitations we are entitled to as guests, but also the fact that the members of our mission were persistently asked -twice- to show tickets (!) upon entering the stands.

As for how it was allowed by the official AO of Pylio Kos to swear vulgarly behind our team’s bench, without being – according to their statement – friends of the home team, there is no need for much explanation. The facts speak for themselves…

As for the Greek Police, who were present – absent during the match, but mainly during the attack on the stands, it seems that the Easter holidays on the island of Kos started earlier this year.

So Happy Resurrection!

PS1: Life knows how to return behaviors.

PS2: Do the guards have knowledge.

Source: Sport Fm

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