Torrential rains in Florida caused flooding today in the Miami metropolitan area, forcing authorities to close schools and, at least until tomorrow morning, Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

More than 635 millimeters of water fell in 24 hours on Fort Lauderdale, a city of 180,000 people located north of Miami, according to the US weather service. A number higher than the April 1979 record of 370 millimeters.

Torrential rains caused many traffic jams, flooded the access roads to the airport and several flights were cancelled.

“Misfortune!” Rob Gulley, a tourist who was about to leave with his wife for the Bahamas, told the local Sun Sentinel newspaper. “It’s the first time my wife and I would go out together since Covid and here’s what’s happening,” he said.

Authorities initially hoped air traffic could be restored from today but had to postpone the airport’s reopening until tomorrow in order to clear the runways.

Coastal areas of the city of Miami remain on flood alert, with ground waterlogged and more rain expected.