Embiid: “If someone tells you they don’t care about the MVP award, they’re telling you!”


To his prize MVP who has many chances of being led into his own hands, said o Joel Embiid in his interview.

The Cameroonian who stands by his statements about the award quite often recently, spoke on the show Showtime Basketball and he stated with complete honesty that anyone who says he doesn’t care about MVP is saying f@@@@@@s!

If people tell you they don’t care, they’re lying. This is the best award you can get as a basketball player. It means a lot” he initially emphasized and continued by saying:

And if you win it, you validate all the work you do. It’s also the reason I care about it, because you put in so much work, and if you get that recognition, it just validates that you didn’t waste your time. But like I said, if someone tells you they don’t care, they’re f@@@@@@s” were the words of the Sixers superstar.

Edited by: Christos Lois

Source: Sport Fm

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