Defeat on penalties for the indifferent National women’s polo team


The women’s national polo team lost 17-18 on penalties (13-13 on penalties) to Spain at the Ewelpidon School Swimming Pool for the third and final matchday of the second phase of the World Cup and will advance to the final phase of the competition with a negative final , in an indifferent match for both opponents, after they had secured on Thursday the qualification to the finals of California next June.

Alexia Kammenou used in her 13-team four girls who had not competed in the two previous matches, namely Sotireli, Fundotou, Santa and Angelidis. The match turned into a derby, neither team managed to escape the score, since both went goal-goal and everything was decided on penalties.

Amazing Eleftheriadou’s goal in the… zero of the first period that made it 4-3, while Xenaki equalized at 00:33 before the end. Spain had 6/6 with more players and the National team 6/12.


Ortiz was saved by Sotireli

Eleftheriadou 13-14

Ariadna Ruith failed execution (the ball left her hands before she shot)

Nino was repelled by Tere

Elena Ruith 14-14

Vasiliki Pleuritou 14-15

Leighton 15-15

Elliniadis was repelled by Tere

Pereth out

Xenaki beam

Ortiz 16-15

Eleftheriadou 16-16

Ariadna Ruith 17-16

Nino 17-17

Elena Ruith 18-17

Vasiliki Pleuritou was saved by Tere

The eight minutes: 3-4, 5-4, 1-1, 4-4, Fri. 5-4

GREECE (Alexia Kammenou): Sotireli, Funtotou, Santa 1, Eleftheriadou 3, Margarita Pleuritou, Xenaki 3, Ninou 5, Elliniadis 1, Angelidi, Vasiliki Pleuritou 3, Giannopoulou 1, Myriokephalitaki, Stamatopoulou

SPAIN (Miki Oka): Ester, Nogue 1, Pratz 1, Ortiz 5, Perez 1, Crespi 1, Elena Ruith 3, Pena, Ariadna Ruith 2, Camus 2, Garcia, Leighton 2, Terre

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