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Asteras Tripolis – Lamia: A game that traditionally comes to a draw


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Useful information in view of the match Asteras Tripolis – Lamia for the 9th game of the Super League is presented by the official website of the Super League.

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Aiming to win in order to continue its upward course in the last games, Asteras Tripolis welcomes Lamia, in a game that traditionally comes to a draw. In fact, despite the three defeats in the beginning, Lamia is now losing very hard.

Asteras Tripolis

Asteras Tripolis is on the rise, with the seven points it has collected in the last three games, while it had only two in the first five. In order to repeat the entry in the six, which was achieved last year, Asteras will seek to win the second game in a row at home, after that with Panathinaikos. He has been winning consecutive games in Tripoli since January 2021, when he had won Panetolikos, AEL and Aris. In fact, since then he has won only two of his 11 home games.

He has scored in the last four, while he has not scored in the first four.

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The last races

11.09.2021: Panaitolikos – Asteras Tripolis 0-0

19.09.2021: Asteras Tripolis – PAOK 0-1

22.09.2021: OFI – Asteras Tripolis 0-0

26.09.2021: Asteras Tripolis – Olympiakos 0-2

02.10.2021: Volos – Asteras Tripolis 2-1 (Sony)

16.10.2021: Apollon Smyrni – Asteras Tripolis 0-1 (Barrales)

23.10.2021: Asteras Tripolis – Panathinaikos 2-1 (Barrales, Sony)

26.10.2021: Levadiakos – Asteras Tripolis (Cup) 1-0

31.10.2021: PAS Giannina – Asteras Tripolis 1-1 (Wheat, red Barrels)

The program

07.11.2021: Asteras Tripolis – Lamia

20.11.2021: Ionikos – Asteras Tripolis


She tied Atromitos twice at home to avoid a third defeat there and a fifth in her first eight games.

It has not lost its last two away games, defeating Ionikos and taking 0-0 in Heraklion from OFI.

She lost her first three games, but lost only once in the last five.

All of her last six games have been draws at halftime. Only in the first two was he back in the score with 2-0.

The last races

12.09.2021: Volos – Lamia 2-1 (Tirone)

19.09.2021: Lamia – Olympiakos 1-2 (Karamanos)

22.09.2021: AEK – Lamia 1-0

26.09.2021: Lamia – Panaitolikos 2-2 (Mazoulouxis, Nounies)

03.10.2021: Ionikos – Lamia 1-2 (Manousos, Golemic)

18.10.2021: Lamia – Aris 0-1 (red Eleftheriadis)

24.10.2021: OFI – Lamia 0-0

27.10.2021: Ilioupoli – Lamia (Cup) 0-3 (Tsoukalos 2, Mazoulouxis)

31.10.2021: Lamia – Atromitos 2-2 (own goal, Arabouli)

The program

07.11.2021: Asteras Tripolis – Lamia

22.11.2021: Lamia – Panathinaikos

27.11.2021: Apollon Smyrni – Lamia

Between them

The tie dominates the matches of the two teams. The last four and six of the last seven were without a winner! Lamia won the first two in the 2017-18 season and beyond that Asteras has six draws and one victory, its only one.

On September 9, 2017, Lamia achieved the first victory in its history in the big category, in Tripoli with a score of 3-1 (89 ‘Pasalidis head – 6’ Omo shot, 25 ‘Piti shot, 80’ foul Wanderson).

Now they are playing their 10th game, but sixth in Tripoli because in the 2019-2020 season they played three times, with the Playouts match taking place at the headquarters of Asteras Tripolis.

The impressive thing is that both teams have the same player as the top scorer in their history in the category, Geronimo Barrales. The Argentinian forward, who will be absent due to punishment.

The History

Asteras Tripolis victories: 1

Draws: 6

Victories of Lamia: 2

Hosted by Asteras Tripolis

Asteras Tripoli wins: 1

Draws: 3

Victories of Lamia: 1

Last year

13.02.2021: Asteras Tripolis – Lamia 0-0

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