Inter-Juventus: The ‘Derby d’Italia’ produces the first finalist

Inter-Juventus: The ‘Derby d’Italia’ produces the first finalist

“Derby d’Italia” act…fourth in this season! Italy’s biggest match, the one between Inter and the Juventus (22:00, Novasports, at “San Siro” attracts attention.

With the two teams facing each other in the second semi-final Coppa Italia and while the first game had ended in a draw with a score of 1-1. Which means that there is absolute balance and no one can talk about favorites… An episodic match that had a lot of tension, expulsions and racist slogans against him Romelou Loukakos!

With tradition in said pairing being clearly in her favor Juventus, talking mainly about the Cup matches. Because in semi-finals the “Grand Lady” counts 5/5 qualifiers (in the seasons 1937/38, 1982/83, 2003/04, 2015/16 and 2020/21) against the Nerazzurri and wants to get the ticket for the sixth time, while the home team break this… curse! Of course, the Milanese for their part, they count two qualifications in the quarter-final stage, while they have won the most recent one Italian Super Cup in 2021 with 2-1 in overtime. In addition, the Juventus counts two wins this season against Inter!

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THE Inter (coming from the 3-0 away against Empoli) has dropped the weight as seen in Europe. He continues in all three competitions, but in the league he has had a big belly that has resulted in him having 3 wins in the last 10 games, dropping from 2nd to 6th place! Of course, at Champions League has reached the semi-finals where she will claim the ticket for the final against her compatriot Milan. Obviously, he wants to catch up to the top four, but also to win the Cup.

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H Juventus (which comes from the 1-0 home defeat against Napoli) for her part, she also continues in all competitions. In the championship, she saw the return of 15 points, which had been deducted for irregularities in various documents and in the balance sheet, as a result of which she rose to 3rd from 7th place. At the same time, he is in his semi-finals Europa League where he will compete with her Sevillewhile also aiming to conquer it Italian Cupas well as occupying a position in the top four.

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We notice many paradoxes in the recent matches of the two teams. Five of her last eight goals Inter against her Juventus in all competitions they have come from the penalty spot, as have three of the most recent four. On the contrary, her last eight goals Juventus against the Inter across all competitions, they were scored by eight different players: Dybala, McKennie, Alex Sandro, Vlahovic, Rabiot, Fazoli, Kostic and Cuadrado.

The injured Skriniar and the punished Hadanovic is out for her Interwhile the Caius Georges, Kin due to problems and o Square due to punishment are not counted in Juventus. Extremely doubtful as unlikely to compete Vlahovic with a sprained ankle, as revealed by Max Allegri!

Possible lineups:

Inter (Simone Inzaghi): Onana – Darmian, Acerbi, Bastoni – Dumfries, Barela, Tsalhanoglu, Mkhitaryan, Dimarco – Lautaro Martinez, Lukaku.

Juventus (Max Allegri): Perin – Gatti, Bremer, Danilo – De Cilio, Fazzoli, Locatelli, Rabiot, Kostic – Di Maria, Milik.

Referee: Dovery

Assistants: Alasio, Honey

Fourth: Mariani

VAR: Di Paolo, Di Martino

The team that will go through the said pair will face its winner in the final Fiorentina-Cremonese (pp. 2-0 in favor of Viola in the first match).

Source: Sport Fm

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