She easily passed the third round of Madrid and awaits… Vekic, Sakkari!

She easily passed the third round of Madrid and awaits… Vekic, Sakkari!

She played very good tennis for a long time, she did not lose her composure when she was broken by Russian and easily qualified for the 3rd round of Madrid n Maria Sakkari (2-0 set)!

The Greek champion easily won the 1st set, breaking at the right time, while she remained focused when the Dutchwoman “broke” her serve and booked her ticket to the next stage of the tournament, achieving her first victory on clay this year.

Next opponent will emerge from the pair Vekic-Masarova, match that is expected to start shortly.

The first set started with both tennis players defending their serve, reaching 2-2. At that point, the best Greek tennis player stepped on… the gas and made the break, for 3-2. From there, both Sakkari and Rouss held their serve, with the Dutchwoman unable to break that of Maria, who won the first set with 6-4.

In the second set things were much more difficult. Maybe the Greek champion did it break with “good evening”, in a game that lasted a long time, but the answer from Russia was not long in coming.

In the 4th game, the Netherlands “broke” and Sakkari’s serve for 2-2, while defending her own, reached 3-2. However, Maria leveled at 3-3 and playing very well at that point, she broke again for 4-3.

Thus, he easily reached 5-4, two games later. Maybe in the last game he had a hard time, as he was threatened with three break points, but in the end he managed to close it positively and reach 6-4 and the 2-0 set again.

The sets (2-0): 6-4, 6-4.

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