Yiannis Sfairopoulos organizes a camp in Skiathos


The coach Yannis Sfeiropoulos organizes this summer on the island of Skiathos, the 1st Sfairopoulos Basketball Camp Skiathos. Companions in this effort is the Municipality of Skiathos and especially the Mayor Theodoros Tzoumas, but also G.S. Skiathos, with the coach Costa Kritsalo.

The press release in detail:

Basketball will take center stage this summer on the beautiful island of Skiathos, with the 1st Sfairopoulos Basketball Camp, a ground-breaking camp to learn the basics of basketball, taking place from June 26th to July 1st, 2023.

Yannis Sfeiropoulos may be a guest in Skiathos, but he now feels at home. Having already visited the beautiful island for his summer holidays, as thousands of our compatriots do, as well as tourists from all over the world, he decided to share his knowledge with the young children, who are also our future. In the idea of ​​creating an innovative basketball camp, he found the Municipality of Skiathos and especially the Mayor Theodoros Tzoumas, but also G.S. Ski with coach Kostas

Critsalo. With the press conference held at the Town Hall of Skiathos (on Thursday 26/4), the countdown to the camp actually began, exactly two months before its start.

The Mayor of Skiathos Theodoros Tzoumas referred to the importance of the presence of Yiannis Sfeiropoulos on the island of Skiathos and the realization of the camp, saying characteristically: “We welcome to the Municipality of Skiathos Mr. Sfeiropoulos, a distinguished Greek coach. A man with international recognition who makes us proud. It is a great honor for the Municipality of Skiathos to cooperate with him for the organization of the first training camp that will take place in Skiathos from June 26 to July 1. I would like to thank Kostis Kritsalos, who was the reason for this acquaintance and this cooperation. I would like to take this opportunity to thank him in general for his contribution to sports here on the island over the years.

It is a great honor to have chosen Skiathos and our Municipality will contribute with all its strength for this training camp.

It goes without saying that we will support this effort and we will do so with our own strength, but also with the help of sponsors, among which will be the Sea Jets shipping company, Aegean Airlines, Sky Express, Skiathos Public Transport , but also large hotel units of the island, such as Skiathos Palace.

We are looking forward to this great event, because it focuses on sports and youth, which has been our priority since we took over as a municipal authority, and at the same time promotes all the ideals of sports.”

The coach of G.S. Kostas Kritsalos of Skiathos stated: “On behalf of G.S. On behalf of Skiathos and all the children of the island, I want to thank the Mayor for his unstinting help in this whole project. I also want to thank coach Sfairopoulos, because a few years ago when we started with the open courts, the goal of all of us was to one day be heard of basketball all over Greece and after years of efforts this dream is coming true with the 1st Sfairopoulos Basketball Camp Skiathos. It is a big deal for the children of the island, for the children of Thessaly, but also for all of Greece, that coach Sfairopoulos comes here to impart his knowledge to all children and athletes”.

Coach Yiannis Sfeiropoulos, for his part, referred to some of the details regarding the camp, saying characteristically: “I thank Mr. Dimarchos and dear Kostas on behalf of the Skiathos club for the undivided support they give us. For me it is a special pleasure that I will come to the beautiful island of Skiathos, to be able to contribute to the education of the children.

Of course, we will try to introduce the children to the secrets of basketball, but during this week we also want to give them those stimuli that will help them become better people. To become active members of society. Young children are the future and we want to help the youth and guide them on the right path.

It is a great pleasure to be here and I want to thank everyone who will contribute to this camp. It will be a week full of excitement, knowledge and fun through basketball for all the children, who will have the opportunity to see many athletes who will come to speak at the camp.

At the same time, there will be sports experts, gymnasts, and nutritionists who will have a lot to say to both children and parents. Of course there will be many gifts and surprises. I wish that we will have a very beautiful camp and I am sure that this will be done with the help of everyone.”

The 1st Sfairopoulos Basketball Camp Skiathos will be held from 26/6/2023 until 1/7/2023, under the auspices of the Municipality of Skiathos, with the co-organization of G.S. Skiathos and the organizational care of No Easy Way.

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