Police banned Inter fans from making koreos for Lukaku!


A strange decision was made by the police in yesterday’s second semi-final Coppa Italia between the Inter and the Juventus.

The organized fans of the “neratzuri” wanted to raise a large koreo all over the horseshoe, which would be dedicated to Romelou Loukakos and would send a message against racism.

However, the authorities decided to ban fans from raising this koreo, taking away the related banners. And this brought the reaction of the organized groups who, with their announcement, launched an attack on the police.

“The ban that took place last night, that is, the removal of the banners from the stands, is the result of a gratuitous and rather strange injustice towards an anti-racist choreography that we wanted to raise.

Yes, because our displeasure stems from the lack of authorization to create the aforementioned choreography, which would have required a tribute to Lukaku’s gesture on the Juventus pitch.

A choreography against racism, a theme that in recent weeks had taken root in the sports columns of television and newspapers.

Instead, as usual, the truth was falsified, throwing the question of the sale of “Euroderby” tickets because of this protest: a sale that has not yet started and we do not yet know how it will be implemented”the statement said.

In fact, the Korean is expected to have a picture in the stands, like the one below.

Source: Sport Fm

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