One of Kenya’s most recognizable pastors, Ezekiel Odero, was arrested today for “mass murder of believers”, Interior Minister Kiture Kidiki announced.

Amid continuing revelations about the Sakahola Forest tragedy, where another self-proclaimed pastor convinced dozens of his followers to starve in order to secure “a place in Heaven,” news of Ontero’s arrest came as a thunderbolt.

The interior minister did not elaborate on the charges against Ontero, a former fisherman who declared himself a pastor 15 years ago and previously attracted up to 40,000 worshipers to his church in Mavueni district.

At one of his rallies – during which he sold vials of “holy water” and pieces of cloth that supposedly cured every disease – Vice President Rigati Gatchagua’s wife was present. Ezekiel Ontero’s YouTube channel “New Life – Prayer Center and Church” has almost 450,000 followers.

At his arrest, Ontero appeared calm, wearing all-white attire and holding a Bible.

Kenyan President William Ruto has announced that the authorities will take action against self-proclaimed pastors “who promote ‘dark and unacceptable ideologies'” to their followers.

Meanwhile, the search in Sakahola Forest (East) brings to light more victims of Pastor Paul Mackenzie Dhenge, of the “International Church of Good News”. To date, 103 devotees have been found dead by crew members combing the forest area.