Kanzouris: “AEK suffered a merciless chase in the second round”


After an improbable match at Klisto of Ano Liosion, the AEK was defeated 113-99 from Peristeri bwin and bid farewell to the Basket League playoffs, knowing the elimination 2-0 in the series.

Speaking to the ERT camera after the end of the match, the “Enos” coach, Elias Kanzouris, he pointed out that his team ate relentless chase in the second round of the championship, while he left spikes approx lack of respect and justice from the administrators of Greek basketball!

The statements of Ilias Kanzouris in detail:

“First of all let’s congratulate Peristeri and Vassilis Spanoulis, they made an excellent effort, but also the year. We were a team from start to finish, for me that is very important. We have made many steps compared to previous years. We had an amazing run in Europe, where we pierced our ceiling by doing a lot of overs, we played with a lot of problems in front of empty stands.

In the championship, we didn’t go the extra mile. I want to say that AEK ate a relentless chase in the second round and this is not only to do with the series with Peristeri. Not just with arbitration, in general. Those who are cut for the good of Greek basketball would do well to look at themselves in the mirror and understand that two things that must be present in order to improve the sport are justice and respect.

I want to thank my players, the staff, the team, as we went through difficult times but we stayed upright. I also thank the people who came and supported us throughout the year. I thank the whole organization.”

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Source: Sport Fm

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