Sweeping Olympiacos, it… broke PAOK and painted the championship red and white!

Sweeping Olympiacos, it… broke PAOK and painted the championship red and white!

It passed like a siphon from Pylaia and Olympiacos won the 31st championship! The “red and white” brought out all their quality against PAOK, they prevailed 3-0 set in the fourth Volley League final and celebrated the 31st first trophy in their history.

Improbable performance in all three sets for Alberto Giuliani’s team that closes the year with two trophies as it was preceded by the conquest of Challenge Cupat the moment when PAOK settled for the Cup.

Sweeping from start to finish the “red and white” who reached the third set leading even with 11 pointshaving on a big day the usual suspect Salvador Hidalgo and a worthy supporter of him Alec Pagenk!

Inferior to the circumstances Van der Dries and Tailor for PAOK, who won the applause of his fans in a year with many ups and downs.

The match

The first set it started with the two teams keeping pace for a while in the set, with Olympiakos making an immediate reaction by breaking the disorganized PAOK block on several occasions. Koumentakis and Stern provided solutions with attacks in the first period, while Pagenk also helped the attack, bringing the score to +4 (8-12). The hosts managed to reduce through the pipe with Skredau, but the two points in Stern and a bad attack by Van Der Dries brought the score to +5 for the first time for Olympiakos. The first set ended on that momentum, with his ace Pagenk and the two Hidalgo points to form the 18-25.

Intense pace on the part of Olympiakos in second set with the “red and whites” continuing their excellent streak in the attack and raising their service percentages with Pagenk’s 4 aces but also PAOK’s mistakes bringing the score to 10-16 after an impressive streak (10-18) . Alberto Giuliani’s team continued their own crescendo with him Linardo to beat Skrentau and Takouridis on many occasions with Butos trying to keep PAOK alive, but the second set was also painted “red and white” after and the 16-25.

The third set may have been giving signs… derby, but Olympiakos once again pulled ace up their sleeve with Travitsa and Stern increasing their performance and bringing the score to 2-6, forcing Josko Milekonski to call a timeout. The hosts responded with a small run which they built thanks to their blocks, but the Piraeus once again reached the maximum difference with Linardos and Hidalgo for 9-18. Van der Dries with a miss and an attack with a won block out tried to trigger the counter attack. However, the Olympiakos players did not give up and with Hidalgo and Linardo as protagonists they reached the 13-25 for the 3-0 in the sets and its conquest 31st championship in their history.


1st set: 5-8, 13-16, 17-21, 18-25

2nd set: 5-8, 10-16, 13-21, 16-25

3rd set: 6-8, 9-16, 11-21, 14-25

*The points of P.A.O.K. they came from 26 attacks, 9 blocks and 13 opponent errors and Olympiakos’s came from 7 aces, 41 attacks, 8 blocks and 19 opponent errors.

The sets: 18-25, 16-25, 14-25 in 80′

PAOK (Josko Milenkoski): Giorna 1 (1/7 f., 58% sub. – 42% laristes), Walsh 3 (3/3 f.), Voulkidis 4 (1/6 f., 3 blocks), Raptis 4 (4/17 f. , 43% ref. – 29% excellent), Skrendau 7 (4/9 ref., 3 blocks), Van Den Dries 9 (8/25 ref., 1 block) / Kokkinakis (l, 79% ref. – 36% excellent), Ilias, Sotiriou 2 (2/6 ff., 43% sub. – 29% excellent), Gatsis 1 (1/1 ff.), Takouridis 2 (2/2 ff.), Butos 2 (2 blocks) .

Olympiacos (Alberto Giuliani): Pagenk 15 (6/10 ff., 6 aces, 3 blocks), Stern 11 (10/21 ff., 1 block), Papagelopoulos 1 (1/1 ff.), Koumentakis 8 (8/16 ff., 62% sub. – 44% excellent), Travitsa 2 (2/2 f.), Hidalgo 14 (12/20 f., 1 ace, 1 block, 36% f. – 27% excellent) / Tziavras (l, 50% f. .- 42% excellent), Linardos 5 (2/5 ff., 3 blocks).

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