Panaitolikos-Levadiakos: To untangle the Agriniotes, to save the division the Boeotians


Panaitolikos and Levadeakios cross their swords for the 5th matchday of the playouts, in a very important game for both teams.

On the one hand, Yannis Anastasiou’s team wants victory at all costs to get rid of the “stay case”, as it got involved after the defeat from PAS Ioannina, while the Boeotians will be far behind in the battle for salvation, in case they do not leave with the three points.

The Agriniotes have fallen to 10th place, from the 7th where they were, before the mini league started, while they are the only team that has not received a grade, after four matches. After the last performances, there is strong dissatisfaction, while midweek the owner of the team was also in training, Fotis Kostoulas, in order to boost his players’ morale for victory.

As far as the mission is concerned, Giannis Anastasiou will again have them at his disposal Mali, Hoochumi and Duarte, who overcame the injury problems that plagued them. On the other hand, the well-known absentees were left out Hatzitheodoridis and Bakakis, but also the Nosirou, who looks like he won’t be able to compete again this season with the “blue and yellow”.

The mission of the Panaitolikos in detail: Anestis, Apostolakis, Houhoumis, Karelis, Pedro, Dias, Graterol, Duarte, Larson, Martenson, Bouzoukis, Voilis, Huanpi, Kolovos, Xenitidis, Morsey, Sengelia, Lazaridis, Tsingaras, Malis, Stagits, Anastasopoulos.

On the other hand, the set of Yannis Petrakis is in last seat of ranking with 23 points and in case they fail to get a positive result, they will have a very difficult task afterwards. In fact, Panaitolikos will by no means be indifferent, which was the case until recently, which makes the work of the Boeotians difficult.

Levadeiakos has had a good run so far in the playouts and is the only team that has not been forced into defeat, counting two wins and as many draws. However, the poor course in the regular season of the league leaves no room for negative results and hopes for consecutive victories in order to stay in the division.

He was left out Panagiotis Vichos, who did not manage to overcome the injury problem that is bothering him, while he will not be available for another game Mutiny.

On the other, Dumtsios and Toro are back in action and will be available ahead of tomorrow’s clash.

The mission of Levadeaikos in detail: Groff, Stojanovic, Belmont, Toro, Hammond, Lua Lua, Mejia, Sako, Vinicius, Vrakas, Gianniotas, Doumtsios, Liagas, Nikas, Dentakis, Panagiotou, Symelidis, Tzimopoulos, Tsapras, Sahpekidis, Geremegev, Paz.

Possible lineups:

Panaitolikos (Yiannis Anastasiou): Anestis, Apostolakis, Larson, Malis, Houchoumis, Dias, Martenson, Huanpi, Kolovos, Sengelia, Karelis.

Levadeiakos (Yiannis Petrakis): Groff, Tsapras, Liagas, Vinicius, Paz, Hammond, Mejia, Gianniotas, Nikas, Sahpekidis, Geremegev.

Referee: Sidiropoulos

Assistants: Maidanas, Kula

4th: Tsimenterides

VAR: Tsakalides, Stefanis

Source: Sport Fm

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