In an episodic arrest of a 16-year-old man for drugs, police officers of the Poligyros Security Department proceeded on Friday afternoon.

After using information that the police officers of the T.A. Polygyroscarried out a coordinated operation in order to control the minor, originally from Greece.

How did he get arrested?

On Friday afternoon, the police spotted the 16-year-old driving a two-wheeled motorcycle in the area of ​​Polygyros. They signaled him to stop so they could check him and the vehicle. Then, the 16-year-old was “thrown” from the motorcycle, which fell on the police vehicle, and put it on its feet.

The police managed to stop and arrest the 16-year-old.

A package of cannabis weighing 673 grams, 1 precision electronic scale and 2 mobile phones were found and confiscated in his possession. The above two-wheeled motorcycle was also seized, as a means of transporting narcotics.

He was injured trying to escape

It is noted that the 16-year-old while falling from the machine was slightly injured, as a result of which he was transported by EKAV ambulance to the Polygyros hospital. The arrested person was released a few hours later.