Athanasiou: “Panathinaikos lives and breathes for victory – Jovanovic’s two thoughts”


With the training of Panathinaikos completed and the announcement of the squad for the match against AEK expected from Ivan Jovanovic, Nikos Athanasiou gave News Bulletin 247 all the information on “how” the greens are led to the match this.

The clover reporter conveyed the atmosphere in the team stating that everyone in it, players and coach lives and breathes for the match and to win this one, he pointed out how important the match is not only for winning the title but also in general what will means for the team and in closing he referred to the 11 of Panathinaikos and Ivan Jovanovic’s thoughts on how he will face the match regularly.

Kotsiras is expected in the 11, on the right side of the defense, the well-known trio of Kourbelis, Tserin and Ruben in the midfield, Bernard on the left wing and Palasios, Sporar to have an advantage over Mancini and Ioannidis to start the match.

Regarding the tactics that Ivan Yovanovis will follow, Nikos Athanasiou argued that we will have to wait if he will choose to enter the match dynamically and take advantage of the home ground or play more conservatively and increase pressure and intensity at specific intervals.

Source: Sport Fm

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