Panathinaikos-AEK: And now the two of them in the historic “final” of Leoforos!


The… greatest time is now! Panathinaikos vs. AEK, at Leoforo.

The two teams – who stood out more than all in one of the most competitive leagues of the last decades in Greece – face off on the afternoon of Sunday (30/4, 20:00) as part of the 7th matchday of the Stoiximan Super League Playoffs. An Athenian derby that has taken on its own character “final”as it can largely determine who wins this year’s title.

Both in 75 degreesin the +12 from the 3rd Olympiakos and to +15 from the 4th PAOK. The “upper hand”, however, is currently held by “greens”who -with the current data- excel in the draw due to classification in the normal duration. Besides, they will have as an extra “weapon” her power, once again this season, packed headquarters their. Of course, AEK will also receive a boost from its friends, which is expected to deified upon her departure from the hotel where she is staying, after a relevant call from her Original 21.

The game will be televised by Cosmote Sport 2 HDradioed by News Bulletin 247while there will of course be a live update from

Both teams continued with “three points” in the exciting (6th) game, last Wednesday (26/4). Panathinaikos passed me 2-0 from the Panthessaliko Stadium against Bullet having Mancini on a terrible day with two assists. As much as the MVP for AEK, Jens Jonsson, scored in the impressive victory (4-0) of the “Union” on him PAOK at the OPAP Arena. Thus, the “yellow and black” reached them five straight wins in the process of the Playoffs, and the “clover” them four. If nothing else, important runs for a title contending team.

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The schedule of the two opponents in the remaining matches:

Panathinaikos: PAOK (in), Olympiacos (out), Aris (in).

AEK: Olympiacos (inside), Aris (outside), Volos (inside).

In the competitive part, the two coaches do not face new problems. Ivan Jovanovic will not only have at his disposal the long-term absentees, Aitor, Trouillet and Ganea, while Matias Almeida will have Araujo and Sidibe. On the other hand, for the guests, he returns Mohammadi.

Possible compositions:

Panathinaikos (Ivan Jovanovic): Brignoli – Kotsiras, Senkefeld, Magnuson, Huancar – Perez, Kourbelis, Cerin – Palasios, Sporar, Bernard.

AEK (Matias Almeida): Athanasiadis – Rota, Vida, Mukudi, Hadjisafi – Eliasson, Simanski, Pineda, Gacinovic – Garcia, Zuber.

Referee: Arthur Soares Dias (Portugal, elite)

First Assistant: Pedro Ribeiro

Second Assistant: Paulo Soares

4th referee: Angel Evangelou

VAR: Thiago Martins

In the regular season of the championship, each team prevailed at home (2-1 Panathinaikos and 1-0 AEK), while the first match between them in the Playoffs, at OPAP Arena, ended no score.

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In total, Panathinaikos and AEK have met 71 times with the “green” hosts for the championship:

33 wins Panathinaikos

26 ties

12 AEK wins

GOAL: 96-59

Source: Sport Fm

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