Guardiola: “I like it here because I do something that gives people joy”


Once again the Pep Guardiola manages to stand out. Not for his… performances on the Manchester City bench but for his statements. The Spanish coach, speaking to British journalists about today’s match with Fulham, underlined that what interests him it is through his work to make people happy and he is not concerned about the legacy he will leave in football.

“Live the moment. The rest doesn’t matter. I don’t live for my story. I like being here because I have the opportunity to do something that makes people happy.” Guardiola said and continued:

“When you die, your family will remember you for a few days and then you’re gone. It’s sad but true. It is enough that people today enjoy watching us. I always say that the important thing is to make people happy.

If people smile when they remember this period, that is the greatest compliment. Better than any trophy. When you go to the cinema, to concerts, you want to have fun. Coaches and players can’t forget that even if they are fighting for the title”

Source: Sport Fm

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