PAOK won the… thriller and the ticket to the semi-finals!


After a “thriller” match, o PAOK defeated 81-78 him Prometheus in Pylaia, doing so 2-1 between them in line and taking the ticket for the Basket League semifinalswhere they will face Olympiakos with a home disadvantage.

Leading for the “two-headed man of the north” was Franke with 31 points and 7 rebounds. However, the biggest shot of the match belonged to Huntswho with his own three-pointer in the 38th minute gave his team the lead again (76-74) and they kept it until the end.

For the paternal fates o Thomasonwho missed the next attack, but also Conditas he made two unanswered mistakes in the final seconds.

From Prometheus, he stood out Cowan with 24 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists.

The match

The two teams were together in the first three minutes (6-6), with PAOK taking… fire from outside the 6.75m. with Tsiakmas in front and escaping to +8 (17-9), at 6′. Prometheus reacted with the entry of Thomason and Tsairelis and with individual scores of 2-8, came closer to the basket (19-17), in the 8th minute. In the final minutes, Renfroe and Condit held the two teams, with the hosts closing the first period in front (23-21).

The match had a very good pace at the beginning of the second quarter as well, with Franke even finding his hand and PAOK escaping to +8 (34-26), in the 14th minute. Prometheus was getting scores only from Thomason, but the Dutch guard together with Tsiamka sent the “doubleheader of the north” to +16 (46-30), in the 17th minute. However, in the last minutes Takianou’s players “blocked” offensively, with Patrinos on the other hand taking advantage of the offensive rebounds and with back-to-back three-pointers to make individual scores 1-12 (47-42), until the end of the first half.

The second half started with a three-pointer by Margaritis, but Prometheus responded with a 6-0 run and got closer to the basket (50-48), at 23′. Then, PAOK initially reacted with Poli for +5 (54-49), while a three-pointer by Franke sent them to +6 (59-53), in the 27th minute. From that point on, Takianos’ team was in control and with a shot outside 6.75m. from the “hot” Poli almost in exhalation, he closed the third period at +7 (64-57).

Both teams were very nervous in the first four minutes of the fourth period, with Prometheus finding baskets from Thomason and Tsairelis and reducing the score (64-61). PAOK “unblocked” with Tsiakma and with a 5-0 run escaped to +8 (69-61), but the Patrinos made a series of defenses and with Murato, Thomason and Cowan they made a 9-0 run for their lead (69-70 ), at 36′. The hosts then went on a 4-0 run (73-70), to which Cowan answered (73-74), in the 38th minute. With a big 3-pointer by Hunts, Takiano’s team went ahead (76-74), with Thomason missing on the next attack and Condit making two consecutive fouls, giving possession to the home team with 15.6 minutes to go. ! In the remaining time, the match went to the shots, with Franke sending the difference to +4 (79-75), at 8.3”. Cowan missed a 3-pointer and Poly’s layup made it 81-75, with Cowan’s 3-pointer just making it 81-78.

The quarters: 23-21, 47-42, 64-57, 81-78

See the match statistics here

Source: Sport Fm

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