The Olympiacos line-up: Basics Ramon, Doi and Kasami


His eleven Olympiakou against Volos.

Jose Anigo lines up the Piraeus with 4-2-3-1handing Ramon a starting shirt, with the Brazilian taking Ryabciuk’s place at left-back.

More specifically… Tzolakis is under the goalposts, in defense from right to left are Rodinei, Papastathopoulos, Doi, Ramon. In the midfield, Embila and Kasami, while Biel and Fortounis will be on the “wings”, with Valbuena moving behind the only promoted Bakabou.

Olympiacos (Jose Anigo): Tzolakis – Rodinei, Papastathopoulos, Doi, Ramon – Embila, Kasami – Biel, Valbuena, Fortounis – Bakabou

On the bench of the home team: Christianson, El Arabi, Boutucci, Brusai, Masouras, Ba, Huang, Samaseku, Reabciuk

Volos (Kostas Bratsos): Kotnik – Tachatos, Pirinen, Sielis, Si – Metaxas, Tsokanis – Deletics, Gai, Tsirinos – Pires

On the guest bench: Avgerinos, Aslanidis, Economopoulos, Kartalis, Katse, Alcho, Methkida, Luna

Source: Sport Fm

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