Zikos: “Whoever wins this year’s championship will deserve it”


The Sunday title derby between Panathinaikos and AEK, the former Union midfielder commented through a post on Socia Media, Akis Zikos.

After characterizing yesterday’s derby as the most dignified, dignified and… glamorous of the Greek league, he emphasized the superiority of AEK and the seriousness of the “greens”, while emphasizing that whichever of the two teams wins the title in the end, will worth it.

The post of Akis Zikos:

“The most dignified, dignified and glamorous derby match of the Greek league. The result is of little importance, in front of the glory of normality that both teams – the fans – everyone, offered us.

AEK was better and could have won, Panathinaikos proved how serious and solid a team they are. Whoever wins this championship in the end will deserve it and it will be right and fair for different reasons for each team!

For us, who support AEK, the championship is a goal, not an end in itself. However, pride in what the team expresses is both a purpose and a goal! And we are very proud of it…..already!!!!”.

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