Almeida: “The end of the championship will be emotional – I always speak well of Panathinaikos”

Almeida: “The end of the championship will be emotional – I always speak well of Panathinaikos”

The outcome of the championship – which, as he emphasized, he believes will be emotional – was mentioned by Matias Almeida ahead of AEK’s derby with Olympic in OPAP Arena on Wednesday (3/5, 8:00 p.m.).

The “two-headed” coach, referring to Piraeus, noted the motivation that all teams have, while underlining that he always speaks well of Panathinaikos.

In detail, Matias Almeida spoke to the Cosmote TV camera about:

– the situation at AEK and the problems with the virus and injuries:

Everyone comes back. Not much has changed these days, but what I see is a team with a lot of appetite. They are very united, very close to each other and the truth is that this gives me joy».

-what they think after the 0-0 with Panathinaikos:

As I have said recently, everything will be decided until the last second. We are on par with a great team. I always speak well of this team. Not only now, but since December and every time we had to face her. Because I always have the necessary respect for any opponent. And I believe that the end of this event will be an emotional end. What I want is for the best for Greek football and for the teams to be at their best».

-whether it is a week, given the problems, during which perhaps more is needed in terms of the physical condition of the players, but also the mental:

Yes, that’s what we do. We don’t have to change anything. The most difficult thing in football is to maintain an idea and a style, especially when things are going well».

– the derby with Olympiakos:

I believe we all have the same motivation. Because it may be one of the last games of the mini league, but it’s still a derby. In a state of motivation I think we are all the same. All football players, all coaches, all fans, all want to win. It’s something normal in this sport and it’s something that makes it beautiful».

Source: Sport Fm

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