Kougias: “I will fight to complete the agreement with Heraklis”


Alexis Kougias analyzed what led to the delay of the agreement with Stratos Evgeniou for the purchase of the majority package of PAE Iraklis by him and Tom Papadopoulos.

In a written statement, he referred to the latest developments in the case and emphasized that he will fight to complete the agreement with the owner of the shares.


As is known, 20 days ago, after prompting and meetings with the financial blood donor of Iraklis Thessaloniki for a number of years, Tom Papadopoulos, we decided to ask the owner of the shares, Mr. Stratos Evgeniou, to purchase 66% of the total shares, which legally owns.

The three of us met repeatedly and after agreeing on the details of the sale and the responsibilities that each of us would have (I would be the President and my son Christos Kougias would participate in the council and Mr. Evgeniou would be the financial administrator , CFO of the money that the three of us together would have available for the operation of the club and which was over 1,000,000 euros every year, regardless of the category the team would be in) we shook hands like men and agreed to sign the final contracts of the transfer of the shares immediately after the return of Tom Papadopoulos from the USA, where he resides permanently with his family.

Following this, we organized, under the auspices of the mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas, the well-known press conference where, in addition to all the important Heraklideans, all the important personalities of the political, business and social life of Thessaloniki attended and where all the dynamics of this historic club were shown , who at the moment, unfortunately, is in competitive and generally footballing disrepute.

Everything that was agreed upon by me and Tom Papadopoulos and with full information of the board of the gymnastics club, was observed in full and for this reason, Tom Papadopoulos returned to Greece last Thursday to sign the contracts for the transfer of the shares, which we agreed to buy .

Unfortunately, Mr. Stratos Eugeniou backed down and expressly stated to us that he does not wish to participate with any percentage and at the same time he disappeared and while Tom Papadopoulos was looking for him for a week and he avoided meeting with him, he sent through the President of the gymnastics club, Mr. Foti God, a new proposal for the purchase by the two of us of 100% of the shares, of which we would grant 10% to the gymnastics club, which, after all, is the custodian of the Heracles idea as it is served by the various racing divisions, which the this historical club is in operation and participates in panhellenic championships.

Unfortunately, this proposal, which is detailed in the announcement issued by Tom Papadopoulos, was rejected and the answer was not given personally by Mr. Stratos Evgeniou to Tom Papadopoulos, who had come to Thessaloniki for this and was looking for him for a week, but he gave it to Mr. Fotis Theos, to transfer it to us.

Following this negative development, which I personally consider to be temporary and not final, I will fight to complete the agreement and the only relationship I have with Heracles is the judicial handling of the Mara case, in the trial of which I participated in her second trial raising awareness but also in the handling of the match-fixing case between the Marousi and Panerythraikos basketball teams, which has already aroused the interest of the organizing authority and I will immediately seek to be the subject of an investigation by the Prosecutors, but awaiting the acceptance of the proposal, which we have submitted to Mr. Stratos Evgeniou for the purchase of 100% of the shares, so that together with Tom Papadopoulos we can begin the entire project of reorganizing the entire football department and covering all the financial, administrative and competitive conditions of the football department for its return to Super League 1, where it should permanently belong. Athens, 4.5.2023.

With appreciation and respect, Alexios X. Kougias».

Source: Sport Fm

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