Ataman for this year’s Ephesus: “The evil… eye has eaten us”


During this season the Effects has been plagued by various setbacks with its players, most recently the serious accident of Bryant Dunston and his health problem Chris Singleton.

After the comfortable victory (106-82) of his team against Gaziantepfor the championship, o Ergin Ataman commented on what is happening in the current season, attributing it to… supernatural phenomena and specifically to… the evil eye!

Ergin Ataman stated in detail:

The presence of Bryant Dunston next to the bench gave a psychological boost to the team. Fortunately, Dunston survived a very serious accident, where he still has shrapnel in his hands, but is in good physical condition. He is trying to overcome the accident psychologically.

On the other hand, Chris Singleton really scared us. Fortunately, the tests showed that he did not suffer a heart attack, but he did develop pericarditis. Today he was discharged, but he will not be able to help us for a long time. The doctors have said he will need about a month and we will see if he will be ready for the league finals if we qualify.

This year the team has been eaten by the… evil eye. I don’t believe much in them, but we had a lot of difficulties during the season. May God help us. Right now, the rest of our players are healthy. We hope these were the last of the mishaps».

Source: Sport Fm

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