Paola Carosella says she was the victim of an abusive relationship: ‘I pruned’


In October 2021, Paola Carosella announced the end of her eight-year marriage to Irish photographer Jason Lowe. A year and seven months later, the chef said she had been the victim of an abusive relationship and recognized that it was difficult to understand the situation. She was also slow to get over her personal problem.

“It took me a long time, and with a lot of therapy, which I’ve been doing for years, to understand that I was in an abusive relationship”, began the presenter of the program “Alma de Cozinheira”, on GNT. Paola revealed some of her ex’s attitudes. “I was with someone who wouldn’t let me be and still pruned me. He gave me recommendations of what I should do and also made me feel guilty for being successful, for being curious and wanting to do new things”, she said.

She explained that, for many times, she felt guilty about her professional success, which indirectly reinforced the end of the union. “These are very fine brushstrokes. When I take them out of context and tell them, they look terrible and they are. Mixed into everyday life, it was something that went unnoticed”, she concluded.

Carosella said in an interview with Quem magazine that only after the separation could she see how abusive her ex relationship was. “A space came and with it silence. You then start to look at everything that happened and say: wow, why did I let myself be in this place?”, added the chef who is dating architecture photographer Manuel Sá. “We’ve been together for a year. He’s from Bahia and he’s 41 years old, I’m 50. He’s really a delight”.

The Argentine businesswoman, naturalized Brazilian, did not hide being excited about the new project, unlike anything she has ever done on television. “I’m no longer the judge nor am I teaching a recipe. I invite amazing people to eat the food I made and talk about different subjects”, she detailed.

Source: Folha

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