Nikologiannis: “Unconcerned about the postponement going one day later, AEK and Olympiacos insisted on Monday”


In the League’s decision to set the postponed matches of the 9th matchday next Monday, at 21:00mentioned the Tasos Nikologiannis to News Bulletin 247conveying his latest news Panathinaikou on the top sports frequency of the country.

The “clover” reporter emphasized that “Panathinaikos did what it was supposed to yesterday (5/5), asking to postpone the match with Olympiakos, since it had 24 cases of coronavirus, which went to 29 today. She is one explosion of cases. Panathinaikos did this not to endanger the health of his players, but also not to endanger the health of opponents. Every team must respect this. So it was postponed, but the fact that it went to a day later, I believe it is idle. There is no comment on the decision of the League to simply play the games one day later, with the cases today at 29».

And he continued:Olympiacos and AEK were the teams that insisted that the games be played on Monday. Nouns, they show disrespect in my opinion, the health of the Panathinaikos players».

He further added: “These cases, because it is the 3rd or even 4th time someone may have been infected, may be active for 3-4 days. But even if you are asymptomatic, when there are such players, your body is definitely affected. Especially for athletes, who run and need to have energy. The right thing for me was for the matches to take place on Wednesday. From there, Panathinaikos cannot do anything. He is forced by the League, forced by Olympiacos and AEK, to play a game with the active cases today among the players being 17».

Finally, he noted:I have to say something to end this nonsensewhich we have been hearing for days, that Olympiacos will give the match to Panathinaikos… I think that everyone who said this arbitrarily got an answer, first from Panathinaikos, who asked for a postponement. If this was arranged, why did he ask for an adjournment? And secondly, the biggest and most resounding answer to who has got it on with whom, was seen today when, in this decision, to make the matches on Monday, Olympiacos and AEK were the first to agree».

Listen in detail to what Tasos Nikologiannis said:

Source: Sport Fm

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