Manousos retires: “I’ve lost a lot of time from my family, money can’t make up for that”


Deposit of soul from Giorgos Manousos! After the final of Lamia’s match with Levadeiakos (1-1), the experienced striker announced with his statements that he is essentially retiring from active action, but will not stay away from football.

The reason is that he has lost a lot of time from his family, which is not filled by either football or money! So, he put his family as a priority, saying that he has been deprived of a lot until now, while he mentioned that Lamia must now manage to save the division in the last match against Ionikos.

“Unfortunately, today we didn’t manage to get the three points that would end the night. We were playing with a team that had the same goal, but at least we succeeded and got a point in the end and we are going for two results at the home of Ionikos”was his first placement on camera for Cosmote TV.

For the Ionian game: “We will prepare from tomorrow and we will go with the same plan and the same reasoning. From there, it’s definitely going to be a tough game, but whoever makes fewer mistakes and is more focused will win the night.”

To then essentially announce his retirement from active action…: “Maybe it was my last home game with Lamia. Maybe I should look at my future differently from now on. We still have a week to go, but I have made it clear in my mind in consultation with my family that this was probably the last time I competed in front of the world of Lamia. Thank you very much for everyone, for the love I received and be sure that next Saturday we will give 100% to stay in the category. It’s worth our effort, it’s worth it to our people who today was the 12th player. May they continue to fill the stadium, not only for the team, but also for the president. Why does he continue to support the club and doesn’t get the support he should.

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The football player should have a shot in his head. For a year and a half I have put my family as my priority, with whom we have not lived together for the last four years due to work. We are tired of this. We must distinguish the professional from the family. Right now my family is my priority. I have lost too much time with them and neither money nor football at Super League level makes up for that. Sometimes we have to think about when is the beginning of the end in the professional field we are in. This does not mean that I am leaving football in general. I have some thoughts in mind. We’ll see…

The common people think that the professional soccer player kicks a ball for one hour every day and two hours on the weekend. It’s not like that. To be a football player, he was deprived of many things for many years. With your will, of course, but next to you, your own people are also deprived. I was very young when my father stopped playing football at the age of 26. I only experienced him in training then and it was difficult again.”

For the moments he keeps from his 18-year professional career: “Since we are in Lamia, I hope that next Saturday we can all celebrate the eve together. There are many strong moments that I have kept. The European matches with Atromitos, the promotion with Kalloni for the first time in the big division… But I have also experienced a lot of bitterness and sorrow. And these are what make you strong.”

Source: Sport Fm

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