Larentzakis: “Bartzokas can curse you and forget it after 5 minutes”


In three days, Mr Olympic will face her Monaco in his first semi-final Final 4 of Kaunaswith the sole aim of qualifying for the grand final of the event.

THE Giannoulis Larentzakis hosted at “Red Champion” and spoke, both about this year’s dream course of the “red and whites” in Europe, about the two defeats by the Monegasques in the regular season, but also about the his relationship with Giorgos Bartzokas.

In detail what Giannoulis Larentzakis said:

On whether he thought Olympiacos could repeat last season: “Initially we aimed for the eight. It is our philosophy, our mentality, it is the coach who tells us that every match is special. We had a difficult schedule at the beginning, Papanikolaou’s injury also came, but we showed that this team is for a long journey. We have a roster of 12-13 players that are capable of playing, and guys like myself, McKissick, we’ve stepped up. Sasha is having the year he is having, which not even basketball legends have done…”

For the derogatory comments of the other groups: “It was another confirmation of what we really do on the floor. We have experienced it and we don’t understand it, but what they said was a reward and a recognition for the team.”

On whether the two defeats against Monaco are affecting them: “Not at all. The opposite happens, we have extra motivation. We know exactly what we’re up against. Last year’s Final 4 was good for us to be more ready.”

On how he feels and if he feels more ready compared to last year: “I don’t have the same anxiety, or, the anxiety of the unknown. That pressure is gone from me. I’ll try to do whatever I can all year round. What half a dive, half a rebound, everything, for the team to go to the final”.

On whether he thought when he went to Olympiakos that he would have this development: “I laugh, because this conversation happens in the locker room as well. I remember watching Finals 4 back in the day and dreaming of being there even as a 12th player. To live the experience. Last year I experienced it, this year I had a bigger contribution. I really shudder, I feel very lucky and blessed that all my work, despite the doubt, the criticism, with so many difficulties, has caught a way and I am a cog in the trunk of the top team in Europe.”

For Bartzoka’s… shouts to him: “The coach has the same character as me. He is irritable, he can swear, but in the next five minutes he can be joking and not even remember what happened. Like me, I might curse more than him in-game, but he’s staying there. It doesn’t affect me, I like that extra pressure.”

Source: Sport Fm

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