Kalandatze renewed and remains in AEK!

Kalandatze renewed and remains in AEK!

With her jersey AEK will compete next season as well Anna Kalandase!

The 26-year-old international center was one of the protagonists of this season and contributed the most to the first historic conquest of Greek Cup from the Union.

Thus, her very good competitive presence, brought the extension of the contract for the 2023/24 season.

AEK’s announcement in detail:

“AEK is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with Anna Kalandatze. The 26-year-old (13/08/1997) international center, 1.82 m tall, signed a one-year contract and will continue to wear the AEK jersey.

Anna had a great season last year, helping AEK win the Greek Cup for the first time in history.

Anna Kalandatze, who renewed her contract and remains at AEK, spoke to “aek.gr” about the successful year that passed, about the year to come, but also about the world of the team. What he said in detail…

-Anna, what we realized from very early on last year, apart from your competitive value which was a given anyway, was how you showed that you were attached to the team and wanted to stay. And you continue at AEK, so we would like a few words about this development and about your feelings…

The course of the team, but also the cooperation that existed, built a solid foundation for taking the next step. I bonded with the team, we experienced many beautiful moments on the field and with the people who supported us. And so it didn’t take long for my feelings to develop for the team».

– AEK undeniably had a successful year by winning the Cup and at the same time there was also a bitter taste with the exclusion from the championship finals because as a team, you showed that you had all the guarantees to win this too. Do you personally hold it as a back-burner and see the past season as a solid foundation for even better ones to come?

I consider it an important success that we achieved and brought to the team, its first cup. It is very important for history, but also for the joy we gave to the world of AEK. To the young children who came to the field and supported us in every match. Success is seeing your efforts rewarded, sharing your joy and getting back, so much more! The bitterness of losing the championship, personally makes me more thirsty for next year. It will be an additional motivation for the whole team».

-There is a decision to “move” to a new headquarters, in “G. Kasimatis”, in a stadium where there will be better conditions for work and for building an even better team. How important do you consider this, beyond the support of AEK fans, who anyway, support the team everywhere…

Moving to a better stadium is a very important but also encouraging step for our club and for the next ones to come. There are people who strive for the best of the team, which in this case is the comfort of a big stadium, a bigger home for us».

-We mentioned the world of AEK. You lived with him, very beautiful moments during the past season. How do you experience this relationship between the team and its world, now that you live it as a member of the AEK family?

We experienced intense moments with the people of AEK. In victories, but also in defeats, they were always our warmest supporters, appreciating the effort we made. I like to see people in the stadium, singing and cheering for the team, without violence and bad attitudes, which do not fit in sports. I wish that the new season will bring more success for AEK as it is the 100th year, and we, for our part, will give our best to the team».

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