Kougias: “Difficult for Doxa Drama”-Subject to conditions in Herakles

Kougias: “Difficult for Doxa Drama”-Subject to conditions in Herakles

THE Alexis Kougias returns to the issue of his involvement with Heraklis and in recent statements to LIBERO 107.4 of Thessaloniki, he emphasized that he will request a meeting with the club’s officials, the fans and Papadopoulos-Eugeniou, in order to “let’s all together make the effort and save Hercules». Instead, he seemed to rule out getting involved with the Glory Drama.

The well-known criminologist emphasized, among other things, that:

For interest in Doxa Drama: “They called me while I was on the road and in the tunnels and told me to come and talk. I respect their interest, but I find it very difficult to do anything, because of the distance. I thank them.”

For the Mara decision: “It is a challenging decision and I did not expect this particular judge to issue it, I was very saddened. On the one hand, I felt despair, but on the other hand, I felt like the fans of Herakles feel, when the other teams are not punished for the same situations. I cannot understand how the PAE of Remos and so many that happened after, are claimed by PO Triglias and Mr. Evgeniou. In fact, Mr. Panagopoulos said there that he does not participate in “fixed trials” and I cannot understand. I’m having second thoughts after that, although I appreciate Mr. Judge.”

For the announcement he made: “I was very upset and in the morning I made an announcement. The only chance that something will be done is if we all become a fist to Hercules. I don’t want to chase windmills. I will have a meeting with Mr. Evgeniou tomorrow, I have a very serious interrogation in Thessaloniki.

I make a promise: if of those people who remembered the debt after 13 years, I also put the colleague in, there is a logical processing and a brave “haircut” of the decision, because I learned that this player did not play much, in PAE of Remos, which collapsed at the time, if there is a possibility of a sustainable solution, because this money is too much for PO Triglia, and the same applies to the other players, and if Stratos is ready to fight with us, I give you my word that I will step forward so that we can keep Heraklis and bring the Association to where it should be”.

Mr. Kougias even spoke about the prospect of “revival” of the “triad” of himself, Stratos Eugenios and Tom Papadopoulos and ruled out the possibility of any involvement of Ivan Savvidis in the “war” against Herakles, while he also spoke of “dirty » Media and journalists.

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Source: Sport Fm

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