AEK published the photo of the fan with the flare: “No one should imitate him”


New announcement regarding the incident that happened during the match with Bulletin which he celebrated securing the championship, with a fan throwing a flare from one stand to the other, PAE AEK issued.

In it, they publish the photo of the fan who threw the flare with his face blurred, while the “yellow and black” say that the image is in the hands of the authorities.

They point out once again that the culprit will not enter the stadium, while calling on the public not to take similar actions since it will have similar consequences.

The announcement in detail:

The issue with the throwing of the flare in the match with Volos is always considered by PAE AEK as a matter of extreme seriousness.

We want to make it clear that just as the person responsible for this has already been identified and it is now a matter for the police what happens from here on out beyond a lifetime ban from entering our stadium, the same will happen to anyone else who falls into this in the future similar serious offence. It is impossible not to find whoever is responsible for such actions.

So that there is no doubt that it is impossible for anyone associated with similar dangerous criminal behavior in our stadium to remain in the shadows, we are quoting today the (distorted by us, the clear one is of course in the hands of the Authorities) photo of the perpetrator. From the security camera system, as he entered the stadium last Sunday.

We hope that no one in the future will attempt to imitate him. But if something like this happens (despite the security measures given in the new season that will increase even more), as everyone understands even today, the only thing the offender will not be able to do is to remain unknown.

We’ve said it and we’ll say it again: No tolerance for this kind of criminal behavior and lack of respect for our team’s fans and their safety!

Source: Sport Fm

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